Monday, March 17, 2008

Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

George Albon, Momentary Songs, Krupskaya, San Francisco 2008

Tetra Balestri, Cheap Imitations, Green Zone, Brooklyn 2008

Jack Collom, DDPTSTW, privately printed, Boulder 2008

Richard Deming, Let’s Not Call It Consequence, Shearsman Books, Exeter 2008

Emily Galvin, Do the Math: Forms, Tupelo Press, Dorset VT 2008

Michael Gottlieb, The Likes of Us, Harry Tankoos, New York 2008

Jason Heroux, The Sea Never Drowns, sunnyoutside, Buffalo 2008

Trevor Joyce, With the First Dream of Fire They Hunt the Cold: A Body of Work 1966-2000, Shearsman Books / New Writer’s Press, Exeter & Dublin 2001

Alex Lemon, Hallelujah Blackout, Milkweed Press, Minneapolis, 2008

Andrew Levy, Memories of My Father, no publisher listed, no location listed 2008

Joseph Massey, Out of Light, Kitchen Press, New York 2008

Clay Matthews, Superfecta, Ghost Road Press, Denver 2008

Frances Richey, The Warrior (A Mother’s Story of a Son at War), Penguin, London 2008

Pattiann Rogers, Wayfare, Penguin, London 2008

Raphael Rubenstein, The Afterglow of Minor Pop Masterpieces, Make Now, Los Angeles 2008

Leslie Scalapino, It’s go in horizontal: Selected Poems, 1974-2006, University of California Press, Berkeley 2008

Frank Sherlock & Brett Evans, Ready-to-Eat-Individual, Lavender Ink, New Orleans 2008

Aaron Simon, Periodical Days, Green Zone,Brooklyn 2008

Colin Smith, 8x8x7, Krupskaya, San Francisco 2008

Chad Sweeney, An Architecture, BlazeVOX, Buffalo, NY 2007

Tyrone Williams, On Spec, Omnidawn, Richmond, CA 2008

Warren Woessner, Clear All the Rest of The Way: New and Selected Poems 1987 – 2007, The Backwaters Press, Omaha 2008

Mark Yakich, The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine, Penguin, London 2008

Lila Zemborain, Mauve Sea-Orchids, translated by Rosa Alcalá & Mónica de la Torre, Belladonna Books, Brooklyn 2007

Rachel Zucker, The Bad Wife Handbook, Wesleyan, Middletown, CT 2007


Books (Other)

Ed Barrett, Bosston, Pressed Wafer, Boston 2008

Hank Lazer, Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996-2008, Omnidawn, Richmond, CA 2008

Philip Metres, Behind the Lines: War Resistance Poetry on the American Homefront since 1941, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City 2008

Hilton Obenzinger, Busy Dying, Chax Press, Tucson 2008

George Oppen, Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers, edited by Stephen Cope, University of California Press, Berkeley 2008

Joseph Torra, Call Me Waiter, Pressed Wafer, Boston 2008



Abraham Lincoln no. 2, no location given, 2008. Includes Rod Smith, Cathy Eisenhower, Ben Friedlander, Tim Yu, Mel Nichols, Tao Lin, Kevin Killian, Lanny Quarles, Mitch Highfill, Maria Damon, Joseph Massey & Jess Mynes, Patrick Durgin, Linh Dinh, Christina Strong, Nada Gordon, more.

Bird Dog, issue 9, Seattle, Winter 2008. Includes Julia Cohen, Daniel Comiskey, Sarah Anne Cox, Jordan Davis, Shira Dentz, Michelle Detorie, Kate Eichhorn, Nava Fader, Garth Graeper, Terita Heath-Wlaz, Brian Henry, Robert Mittenthal, John Olson, Sharon Lynn Osmond, Jessea Perry, Andrea Rexilius, Judith Roitman, Sandra Simonds, Stephanie Strickland, Mathias Svalina, Eileen R. Tabios, C. McAllister Williams, more.

filling Station, 40, Calgary, 2008. Includes Oana Avasilichioaei, Tom Wayman, Wolf Larson, Karen Mac Cormack, Kate Eichorn, Jon Paul Fiorentino, George Bowering, Glia Sutherlanbd, Sina Queyras, Daisy Fried, Laura Elrick, Kate Greenstreet, Laura Sims, Carol Marakove, Jena Osman, Nada Gordon, Sawako Nakayasu, Julie Sheehan, more.

filling Station, 41, Calgary, 2008. Includes Sarah Keevil, George bowering, Andrew Klobucar, Michael Boughn, Spencer Selby, Natalie Simpson, Nicole Pakan, rob mclennan, Wanda O’Connor, more.

Parthenon West Review, Issue 5, Berkeley, 2008. Includes kari edwards, Gillian Conoley, Gloria Frym, D.A. Powell, Rusty Morrison, Sarah Hannah, Paul Hoover, Christopher Arigo, Johannes Göransson, Thomas Kane, Timothy Liu, Kevin Magee, Matt Hart, Rodney Koeneke, Bruce Covey, Brian Henry, Andrew Joron, Tomaž Šalamun, Ericka Ghersi, John Oliver Simon, more.

Thuggery & Grace #3, no location given, January 2008. Includes Selah Saterstrom, J’Lyn Chapman, Alan Gilbert, Akilah Oliver, Brenda Coultas, Elizabeth Robinson & the editors (Anne Waldman & Erik Anderson)


Other Formats

Tom Jenks, Omens, Matchbox, Manchester UK 2008

Lev Rubenstein, Unnamed Events, translated by Philip Metres & Tatiana Tulchinsky, Poems for All, no. 254, Sacramento 2003

Karl-Erik Tallmo, Molly B. Whips It Out, CD, self-published, no location given (Sweden), 2008

Matthew Welton, Measure, Matchbox, Manchester UK 2008


Just a few more of the items received since January 11
-- to be continued