Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Recently Received


Books (Poetry)

Maram al-Massri, A Red Cherry on a White-tiled Floor, translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa, Copper Canyon, Port Townsend 2007

Taylor Brady & Rob Halpern, Snow Sensitive Skin, Atticus/Finch, Buffalo 2007

Elena Karina Byrne, Masque, Tupelo Press, Dorset, VT 2007

Ron Charach, Selected Portraits, Wolsak and Wynn, Hamilton, Ontario 2007

Mark DuCharme, The Sensory Cabinet, BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo 2007

Mark DuCharme, The Crowd Poems, Potato Clock Editions, Boulder, CO 2007

Noah Falck, Homemade Engines from a Dream, Pudding House Chapbook Series, Columbus, OH 2007

Peter Ganick, recent text., folder press, Puhos, Finland 2007

Matt Hill, The Cloud Reckoner, WingSpan Press, Livermore, CA 2007

Will Hubbard, The God is Quiet That Would Have You, Cap Gun Press, Brooklyn 2007

Charles Jensen, The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon, New Michigan Press, Grand Rapids, MI 2007

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Aquiline, Printed Matter Press, Tokyo/New York 2007

Richard Krech, We are on the Verge of Ecstacy: Selected Early Poems, 1965-70, Green Panda Press, Cleveland Heights, OH 2007

Joel Lewis, Learning from New Jersey, Talisman House, Jersey City, 2007

Karyna McGlynn, Scorpionica, New Michigan Press, Grand Rapids, MI 2007

John Newlove, A Long Continual Argument: The Selected Poems, edited by Robert McTavish with an afterword by Jeff Derksen, Chaudiere Books, Ottawa 2007

Marthe Reed, Tender Box: A Wunderkammer, Lavender Ink, New Orleans 2007

G. Emíl Reutter, Stirring Within: Poems and Tales from Mount Caramel, BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo 2007

Hugh Seidman, Somebody Stand Up and Sing, New Issues, Kalamazoo, MI 2007

Ulf Stolterfoht, Lingos I-IX, translated from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop, Burning Deck, Providence 2007

Mathias Svalina, Creation Myths, New Michigan Press, Grand Rapids, MI 2007

John Tipton, Four Fables, Answer Tag Home Press, Chicago 2007

Christine Wertheim, +│’me’S-pace: doc. 001b, society for cUm│n’ linguistics (scum), Les Figues Press, Los Angeles 2007

Paul Wilson, Turning Mountain, Wolsak and Wynn, Hamilton, Ontario, 2007

Vincent Zompa, Jacket of the Straits, New Michigan Press, Grand Rapids, MI 2007


Books (Other)

George Robert Minkoff, The Weight of Smoke, McPherson & Co., Kingston, NY 2006

Tony Trigilio, Allen Ginsberg’s Buddhist Poetics, Southern Illinois UP, Carbondale, IL 2007



6x6, no. 14, Brooklyn 2007. Includes Prabhakar Vasan, Lori Shine, Douglas Rothschild, Randall Leigh Kaplan, Corina Copp & Fred Schmalz

Cap Gun 2, Brooklyn 2007. Includes Lynn Xu, Anna McDonald, Jackie Delamatre, Bronwen Tate, Tao Lin, Rodolfo Hinostroza, Sam Adams, Jackie Clark, Joshua Edwards, Will Hubbard, Eric Gelsinger, more.

Conjunctions 49, A Writers’ Aviary (Special Portfolio: John Ashbery Tribute), Annandale-on-Hudson, 2008. Includes Howard Norman, Anne Waldman, Arthur Sze, Merrill Gilfillan, Forrest Gander, Diane Ackerman, Rick Moody, Nathaniel Tarn, John Kinsella, C.D. Wright, William H. Gass, Martine Bellen, Sven Birkerts, John Ashbery, Kevin Killian,
Rae Armantrout, Charles Bernstein, Graham Foust, Eileen Myles, Marjorie Welish, Jed Perl, Ron Silliman, Ben Lerner, Cole Swensen, David Shapiro, Susan Stewart, Marcella Durand, Brenda Hillman, Anselm Berrigan, Joan Retallack, Robert Kelly, more.

filling Station, thirty9, Calgary 2007. Includes Changming Yuan, Ingòlfur Gíslason, Haukur Màr Helgason, Jaspreet Singh, Eirikur Örn Norđdahl, Hye-Seung Jung, Kevin mcpherson eckhoff, more.

Open Letter, Thirteenth Series, No. 4, Fall 2007, Strathoy, Ontario. Special issue on artists’ statements and the nature of artistic inquiry. Includes Tracy Whalen, Frank Davey, Marsha Bryant, W.F. Garrett-Petts, Michael Jarrett, Henk Slager, Ashok Mathur, Si Transken, more. Includes DVD.

Poetry Project Newsletter, #213, December 2007/January 2008, New York. Includes Ted Greenwald, Hoa Nguyen, Simon Pettet on Joanne Kyger, Camille Roy on Jocelyn Saidenberg, Miles Champion on Tim Atkins’ Horace, Bill Kushner on Barbara Henning, Bob Perelman on Ben Friedlander, more.


CDs/Other Media

Walter Wego, Come Sunday, vocals by Steve Benson, mix by Parker Waite, WERU-FM, Blue Hill, Maine 2007 (double CD)


All items received since November 7.