Friday, July 06, 2007


You know you’re older than dirt when somebody finds a poster like this with your name on it. It’s from 1968, and I can still vaguely remember the event. Herb deGrasse, a film-maker who was active around Canyon Cinematheque from the mid-60s well into the 1980s, was the person who invited me onto this bill. He’d made a bunch of highly idiosyncratic films, one of them including David Bromige. John Thomson was the poet who inadvertently triggered the 1965 “Filthy Speech Movement” at Berkeley by holding up a sheet of note paper with the F word on it from the steps, I believe, of the UC Student Union. Later he became John Poet, which I believe means he must be the very same pirate radio pioneer & music critic who occasionally writes these days for the Daily Kos. Hilary Fowler – better known as Hilary Ayer – was then the wife of Gene Fowler, a poet who spent too much of the 1950s as a guest of the state at San Quentin. Alas, I don’t recall the other folks on this bill. Freight & Salvage still exists, tho it’s moved down the street and around the corner. My thanks to Richard Krech for permission to post this here.


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