Friday, April 27, 2007


You will note that I’ve finally begun revising the blogroll in the lefthand column for the first time since a virus ate the underlying Word file. I’ve begun checking every link and will be discarding those that have either gone dark or had no activity since the beginning of the year. I will also be revising the links for those, like Jim Behrle’s, that hop around on the net like a kid with ADHD. You will note that as I get through a section, the color of the names will change to black. I also hope to go back through my emails and pick as many requests for links as I can find. If you’ve made a request and I’ve failed to add it once I’ve gone through your part of the alphabet, drop me a quick note with the link and I’ll do so.

I should note also, I suppose, that I’ve had requests from sites that have nothing to do with poetry – “viral” ad fake blog sites for cigarettes & alcohol mostly, companies that have also requested the opportunity to advertise here – and will not be adding those.


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