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Recently Received


Books / Broadsides (Poetry)

Dan Boehl, Work, Pavement Saw, Columbus, OH, 2007

Joseph Bradshaw, The Way Birds Become, Weather Press, Iowa City, IA, 2007

Susan Briante, Pioneers in the Study of Motion, Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, 2007

Linh Dinh, I Haven’t Been Anywhere, Man, Landfill, Norwich, U.K., 2007

Linh Dinh, Jam Alerts, Chax Press, Tucson, AZ, 2007

Ray DiPalma & Paul Vangelisti, Uptown Vaunt, Otis Laboratory Press, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Susanne Dyckman, Equilibrium’s Form, Shearsman Books, Exeter, U.K., 2007

Clayton Eshleman, Reciprocal Distillations, Hot Whiskey Press, Boulder, CO, 2007

Lisa Fishman, The Happiness Experiment, Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, 2007

Graham Foust, Some Kinds of Poems, Bonfire Press, Fort Collins, CO, 2007

Noah Eli Gordon, A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow, New Issues / Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI, 207

Noah Eli Gordon, Inbox, BlazeVOX, Kenmore, NY, 2007

Michael Helsem, Almucantar,, 2007

Catherine Imbriglio, Parts of the Mass, Burning Deck, Providence, RI, 2007

Devin Johnston, Sources, Empty Hands Broadside #5, Country Valley Press, Gardnerville, NV, 2007

Daniel Kane, Seven, Landfill, Norwich, U.K. , 2004

Basil King, 77 Beasts: Basil King’s Beastiary, introduction by Andrew Crozier, Marsh Hawk Press, E. Rockaway, New York, 2007

Joan Larkin, My Body: New and Selected Poems, Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, 2007

Jim McCrary, Oh Miss Mary, Really Old Gringo Press, Lawrence, KS, 2006

Jim McCrary, Being Frida Kahlo, Really Old Gringo Press, Lawrence, KS,. 2007

Heller Levinson, ToxiCity: Poems of the Coconut Vulva, Howling Dog Press, Berthoud, CO, 2005

Frank O’Hara, Poems from the Tibor de Nagy Editions, 1952-1966, Tibor de Nagy, New York, 2007

Ron Paste, Other Men’s Flowers, Landfill, Norwich, U.K., 2007

Richard Rathwell, Re: The Dead Ants: Selected Writings, Blue Orange Publishing, London, U.K. 2006

Richard Rathwell, Rules of the River, graphics by Pierre Coupey, DaDaBaBy Enterprises, North Vancouver, BC, & Blue Orange Publishing, London, U.K., 2007

Jacques Roubaud, Poetry, etcetera: Cleaning House, translated by Guy Bennet, Green Integer, København & Los Angeles, CA, 2006.

Mary Ruefle, A Little White Shadow, Wave Books, Seattle & New York, 2006

Leslie Scalapino, Day Ocean State of Stars’ Night: Poems & Writings: 1989 & 1999-2006, Green Integer, København & Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Spencer Selby, Twist of Address, Shearsman Books, Exeter, U.K., 2007

Tony Trehy, 50 Heads, Apple Pie Editions, Manchester, U.K., 2007

Hannah Weiner, Hannah Weiner’s Open House, Kenning Editions, 2007

Terence Winch, Boy Drinkers, Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, NY 2007

Max Winter, The Pictures, Tarpaulin Sky Press, Saxtons River, VT, 2007

Matthew Zapruder, The Pajamaist, Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, WA, 2006

Rachel Zolf, Human Resources, Coach House Press, Toronto, ON, 2007


Anthology / Catalog

Tyler Doherty & Tom Morgan, For the Time-Being: The Bootstrap Book of Poetic Journals, Bootstrap Press, Lowell, MA, 2007. Includes Bob Arnold, Daniel Bouchard, Pam Brown, Jack Collom, William Corbett, Marcella Durand, Jonathan Greene, Joanne Kyger, Joseph Massey, Hoa Nguyen, Shin Yu Pai, Stephen Ratcliffe, Michael Rothenberg, Andrew Schelling, Joel Sloman, Dale Smith, Stacy Szymaszek, Aaron Tieger, Joseph Torra, more.

Katie Geha and Travis Nichols, Poets on Painters, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, KS, 2007. Introduction by Anselm Berrigan. Includes Laura Solomon, Paul Killebrew, Hoa Nguyen, Sawako Nakayasu, Noah Eli Gordon, Kristin Prevallet, John Olson, Jeff Clark, Corina Copp, Brad Flis, more.

Jonathan Wells, Third Rail: The Poetry of Rock and Roll, Pocket Books/MTV Books, New York, 2007. Foreward by Bono. Includes Matthew Zapruder, Daniel Nester, Sarah Manguso, Auggie Kleinzahler, Allen Ginsberg, Les Murray, Heather McHugh, Paul Muldoon, Charles Simic, Bill Knott, Billy Collins, David St. John, Yusef Komunyakaa, Tony Hoagland, Philip Larkin, James Tate, Thom Gunn, Rita Dove, Charles Wright, Phil Levin, Edward Hirsch, Kevin Young, Franz Wright, Campbell McGrath, more.


Books (Other)

Warren Banditto, This Rhymeless Nation: A NOTE whereunto is annexed a poem lately found by the waters of Michigan, Infolio, Cambridge, U.K., 2007

Sandford Lyne, Writing Poetry from the Inside Out: Finding Your Voice through the Craft of Poetry, Sourcebooks, Inc., Napierville, Illinois, 2007




6x6: A Poetry Periodical, no. 13, Brooklyn, NY, 2007. Includes Matthew Gavin Frank, George Kalamaras, Ann Lauterbach, Matthew Rohrer, Evan Willner, Lynn Xu.

Action Poétique, 187, Ivry-sur-Seine, France, 2007 Includes Bernard Heidsieck, Vélimir Khlebnikov, new poets from Hungary (in French), more.

Asterisk 1, Wendell, MA, 2007. Includes Shannon Tharp, Joseph Massey & Aaron Tieger.

Asterisk 2, Wendell, MA, 2007. Includes poems by John Phillips.

Chicago Review 53:1, Spring 2007, Chicago. British Poetry Issue: Includes larger gatherings of poetry by Andrea Brady, Peter Manson, Chris Goode & Keston Sutherland, critical articles & correspondence, reviews of other British poets by Calvin Bedient, Forest Gander, Heidi Lynn Staples, Rusty Morrison, John Lennox, Mark Scroggins, Peter Manson & Kent Johnson, a note on young British poets by KeithTuma, letters from Peter Riley & Catherine Wagner, plus poster literally mapping styles of British Poetry 1945-2000.

FoArm no 3, Brooklyn, NY, 2004. Includes Kim Rosenfield & Sally Silvers, Andrew Joron, Jerry Rothenberg, Bruna Mori, Phillip Jenks, TJ Morris, Zach Harris, more.

FoArm no. 4, Brooklyn, NY, 2005. Includes Eliot Weinberger, Phill Niblock (includes a full-length CD of Niblock’s Ghosts & Others), Charles Stein, Rachel Daley, Srehta Premnath, more.

House Organ, no. 58, Winter 2007, Lakewood, OH. Includes Bill Berkson, Bob Arnold, Nathan Whiting, Janine Pommy Vega, Paul Pines, William Sylvester, Vincent Ferrini, Laura Beausoleil, more.

Modern Review, Vol II, No. 3, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Spring 2007. Includes Ange Mlinko, Rusty Morrison, Jennifer Moxley, Noah Eli Gordon, Noah Eli Gordon, Fanny Howe, more.

Reading Room, Issue O1/07, Auckland, New Zealand. Special Feature: Autobiography in the Wake of Conceptualism. Includes Wystan Curnow on Ron Silliman & On Kawara, Mieke Bal on Louise Bourgeois, Susan Best on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Andrew McNamara on Marcel Duchamp, more.

Thuggery & Grace, no number, Denver, CO, 2007. Includes Chika Swgawa (translated by Sawako Nakayasu), Peritti Saarikoski (translated by Anselm Hollo), Sony Labou Tansi (translated by Kristin Prevallet), Nicolas Pesques (translated by Cole Swensen), interview with Ammiel Alcalay, work by Bim Ramke, more.


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