Sunday, April 08, 2007


Guggenheim Foundation President Edward Hirsch

Among this year’s recipients
of Guggenheim Fellowships are
Nick Spitzer, host of American Roots
Choreographer Joe Goode
Daniel Alarcón (for fiction)
Fiction writer & editor of Conjunctions
Bradford Morrow
& Russian translator Michael Wachtel

plus these poets:
Christopher Buckley
Greg Delanty
Erica Funkhouser
Fenton Johnson
A. Van Jordan
Dana Levin
D. Nurkse
Kathleen Peirce
Lawrence Raab

It would appear that
just maybe
not one
post-avant poet applied

(Sure is a good thing
that the division
the Mainstream & the Other
tradition doesn’t exist any more…

this list of poets
just by itself
might cause one
to feel queasy
as to the integrity
of the Guggenheim process)

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