Thursday, February 01, 2007


Molly Ivins


When I was the executive editor of The Socialist Review, back betwixt 1986 & 1989, I found myself reading The Texas Observer, a journal with which we traded free subscriptions, just so I could read this one fantastic columnist they had by the name of Molly Ivins. So I was not at all surprised, in the intervening years, as she went on to become famous as a nationally syndicated columnist, her razor-sharp wit, common sense & basic human decency being a killer combination of skills for anyone in her line of work. She tried to warn the nation about the man she dubbed Shrub, and she was right.

Ms. Ivins kept writing right through her three bouts with cancer, tho it cut into her regularity as a columnist & turned her magnificent head of red hair white &, at points, non-existent. Her final column, just three weeks ago, was entitled “Stand Up Against the Surge.” One way to say thank you to Molly for all of her decades of work in our behalf today is to join some one million bloggers and blog readers who will call their U.S. Senators to tell them to stop the escalation & bring our troops home now. Follow this link –

– and the good folks at MoveOn will help with the phone numbers and even show you when the best time to call is &, if you want, send a text message to your cell phone reminding you when that moment has arrived. If anybody asks, tell them Molly sent you.


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