Saturday, January 20, 2007


You still have until 9:00 PM Eastern on Sunday to bid on any of the 88 auction items in Rain Taxi’s annual fundraiser. It’s a terrific cause – Rain Taxi is a journal that covers every tendency & every genre with great fairness & intelligence – and there are some terrific items, ranging from signed chapbooks from Paul Auster, Alice Notley & James Tate, an original draft (with edits) of a poem by Ron Padgett, a rare copy of Robert Graves’ Nazarene Gospell Restored, a photograph of Moondog by Gerard Malanga, signed work from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, a shawl by Maria Damon & much more. One of the secrets of eBay auctions is that a lot of experienced buyers wait right up to the last minute to bid, so that they don’t inadvertently drive up prices. So you might want to stay up late (or get up early, depending on where you are) just to make sure your bids are in.


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