Friday, December 29, 2006


Thus far, Jordan Davis, Eileen Tabios, and Joseph Massey have responded to my tagging them earlier this week, tho none of them followed the form exactly as I had been given it by J.P. Rangaswami, tagging other bloggers. Jordan & Eileen’s responses will surprise you, tho for very different reasons. (I ran into Jonathan Mayhew at the MLA yesterday, but forgot to ask him about this.)




The giant off-site reading at this year’s MLA meeting occurs tonight, at 9:00 PM at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, 251 South 18th Street, near the southeast corner of Rittenhouse Square. Readers for the two-hour event include:

Aaron Kunin
Adam Fieled
Sasha Steensen
Dennis Barone
Aldon Neilsen
Bill Howe
Bob Perelman
Brent Cunningham
Brian Kim Stefans
C. A. Conrad
Camille Martin
Carla Harryman
Caroline Bergvall
Cathy Eisenhower
Charles Bernstein
Christian Bök
Eduardo Espino
Elaine Terranova
Ethel Rackin
Evie Shockley
Frank Sherlock
Hank Lazer
Herman Beavers
Jena Osman
Jenn McCreary
Jennifer Scappetone
Joan Retallack
Johanna Drucker
John Wilkinson
Josh Schuster
Barrett Watten
Kathy Lou Schultz
Lamont Steptoe
Laura Moriarty
Leevi Lehto
Linda Russo
Linh Dinh
Loren Goodman
Mark Wallace
Matthew Cooperman
Michael Tod Edgerton
Michael Davidson
Nat Anderson
Nick Monfort
Norma Cole
Patrick Durgin
Peter Middleton
Prageeta Sharma
Rachel DuPlessis
Ron Silliman
Susan Schultz
Timothy Yu
Tom Devaney
Tom Orange
Tyrone Williams
Walter Lew
Will Esposito
Yunte Huang


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