Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is an experiment. I’m turning the comments stream back on today. I’ve looked fairly closely at three comments stream alternatives and not been fully comfortable with any one of them. And it has been clear that the comments do have their own constituency here. So, for the moment at least, the comments stream is the same one that I shut off a month ago.

If people stay on topic and don’t try to take threads over into being their own private blogs, novels, or confessionals, we’ll do okay. Also if people don’t resort to name calling.

If either of those things should happen – it is not an optimistic view of humanity to suggest that it’s inevitable – then I will either shut it down permanently or, more likely, opt for a different solution, even though I find it to be imperfect.


Roger Snell, who publishes Sardines Press, whose list includes John Phillips, writes to ask that I include his contact info, and I agree that I should have done that. Sardines doesn’t have a URL and isn’t distributed by SPD, which makes distribution all the harder. Phillips’ Language Is goes for $10 and I’ll reiterate here that it’s a delight, tho just possibly a guilty pleasure at that.

Sardines Press can be written (and checks sent) to at 303 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122 or via email at


Today’s Boondocks – which may a rerun – features the poet Kay Ryan.


The New York Review of Books features Charles Simic on the subject of dada.