Saturday, June 03, 2006

Zoe Strauss: Detail I-95 (Camden Mattresses)


You only have until June 11
to catch the work of Zoe Strauss,
Philly’s hottest artist
in this year’s Whitney Biennale
in NYC,

But you can hear her on Sunday
discuss her work at
the Institute for Contemporary Art
1:00 PM

Though you’ve already missed
her annual one-woman show
held each year under the I-95 Freeway
at Front & Mifflin Streets.

She has a blog too
& received
a Pew Fellowship last year.

Zoe Strauss gives art a good name.


The 2006 Griffin Poetry Prize
has been awarded to
Sylvia Legris
for Nerve Squall


Pinoy penman visits Oz

This article deserves an award
for how well it contextualizes
two languages at once.


Carl Rakosi’s oral history
(PDF format)
is 244 pages long!


The new online issue of Action Yes
has an “Idaho Special” feature
well worth reading,

especially Catherine Wagner


See also Barbara Jane Reyes
in that same issue

& I love the way you can toggle
between translation & original
in Jen Hofer’s
rendering of Dolores Dorantes


Or go to VH-1
where you can watch all four of
Jim Berhle’s episodes
from the TV series
Can’t Get a Date.


Robin Kemp
tries to get my goat.



I have some new work
in the latest issue
of mark(s)
which goes live