Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Tonight is the finale of Project Runway, about which I’ve written before. After looking at all three of the finalists’ collections up on the website, I hate to have to say it, but I think the winner is going to be Santino Rice. His collection has a look and feel to it of a single overarching vision. Daniel Vosovic, my personal favorite, has a collection that looks far too safe. Chloe Dao takes more risks in some of her pieces than does Rice, but only about two-thirds of her collection really hangs together.

Last week’s episode attempted, belatedly I thought, to humanize Rice, showing him playing with his best friends’ kids, talking about his stretch of homelessness, even apologizing to Chloe & Daniel for being such an unrelenting schmuck throughout the season. Given that the show didn’t even touch on Vosovic’s career as a competitive gymnast, I felt that the narrative markers were being put in place.

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