Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some of the people who have visited this blog just this weekend have logged in from the following locations:

Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi, India
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Parow, South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago
The Dominican Republic
Seti, Nepal
Kyoto, Ibaraki & Hokkaido, Japan
Beijing, China
Cheju, Pusan & Seoul, Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Bangkok, Thailand
Hanoi, Vietnam
Jakarta, Indonesia
Cairo, Egypt
The Sudan
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Pudu, Malaysia
Hong Kong
Benguet, Philippines
Haifa, Israel
Amman, Jordan
Muscat, Oman
Erzerum, Kutahya & Kayseri, Turkey
Ubobo, Queensland, Australia
Daceyville & Goomla, New South Wales, Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Salisbury, South Australia, Australia
Wooroloo & Perth, Western Australia
Auckland, Plimmerton, Plymouth & Gisborne, New Zealand
Santiago, Chile
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janero & Sao Paolo, Brazil
Lima, Peru
Medellin, Columbia
Guadalajara, Mexico
La Paz, Bolivia
Kecskemt, Hungary
Bucharest, Romania
Vienna, Austria
Kildare & Dublin, Ireland
Kalamta, Greece
Kokkola & Helsinki, Finland
Saksvik & Molde, Norway
Gdansk, Poland
Braga & Funchal, Portugal
Madrid, Cadiz, Castilla La Mancha, & the Canary Islands, Spain
& all over the U.K. and Central Europe

I had not anticipated this kind of geographic reach when I began the blog – tho I think that has more to do with my sense of my poetry (not to mention person) not having traveled all that much – so this is a wonderful aspect of the weblog & it pleases me no end. I'm sure there is a discussion to be had about the problematics of globalization here, but I'm going to save for that for another day.