Sunday, July 10, 2005

It would be great if everyone would check their link on the blogroll to the left. Let me know if there are mistakes or old URLs lurking about. In general, I try to follow a few simple rules:

·        List only blogs – web zines, archival anthologies, personal websites sans blogs will quickly make it all unintelligible, tho they all have their role & can be as – or quite a bit more – important than blogs. If you have a personal website for your works or books, but no weblog, sorry. However, if the only way to get to your blog is through your personal website (cf. Zoketsu Norman Fischer), I will list that.

·        List all blogs by the real name of the author, tho I’ve made exceptions in cases where people plead for a pseudonym or it’s a collective blog. I do list the blog of The New Criterion as Olde Quietude, but that’s just truth in advertising. In the case of multiple (most often Spanish) surnames, I try to discern & list the blog under the one that would be most immediately recognized by one's readers. Thus Garcia Lorca would go under Lorca, not Garcia. Let me know if I got yours wrong, and I will correct it.

·        Drop blogs that have gone more than three or four months without a post, unless the author asks me to keep it up or it’s a site that represents a particular body of work (viz the work of my favorite sock puppet poet, Lester, or the ongoing flarf anthology, Mainstream Poetry, listed here as Flarf). One result of this rule, tho, is that some blogs disappear only to return a little later (Welcome back, Laurable & Tony Tost).

·        No more than one individual blog listing to a person.

·        In general, the blog should be about poetry or poetics – I have made exceptions for blogs that have particular value with regards to politics (Eric Alterman) or the social uses of technology (Dave Winer, Lawrence Lessig, Steven Berlin Johnson), but I do so very rarely. In the past six months, I’ve only added one link – Doug Ireland – that is outside of the poetry/poetics territory.

One other thought – if you start a weblog and have only one or two entries, please don’t ask me to list it yet. Wait until you have at least a week or two of posts, just so I don’t take the time & effort only to discover that entropy set in after your fourth message.