Saturday, May 28, 2005

Craig Allen Conrad


I made a point of not reading Gary Sullivan’s answers to Jonathan Mayhew’s questions until after I had answered them myself. But I really like his answers, even where (maybe especially where) we don’t agree. Nick Piombino had a great response to one of Jonathan’s inquiries. Allen Bramhall likewise had some interesting things to say.

As it happens, Anthony Robinson proves to be a lot more like Ron Silliman than he may think (or like). Someone who calls him- or herself Radical Druid responded as well. May I note, Rad, that the last question you would add to Jonathan’s list suggests that your use of a deep pseudonym is a contradiction. Laura Carter took her time & is very cool in showing us both her answers and the things she crossed out along the way. Michael Helsem replies in red. Even tho he was feeling lousy, Henry Gould gave the questions solid thought in his reply. Jack Kimball answered two questions, if you scroll down his page. Jordan Stempleman, Anne Boyer & Bill Marsh also took the test, albeit more whimsically.




Speaking of Gary Sullivan, his “open letter”/non-review of Under Albany totally made my day. And back on May 16, CA Conrad posted a note in my general defense to the Poetics List that sent shivers up my spine. When I get irritated with the pettiness of the literary world, responses like these & events like Jonathan’s questions & all the good thinking it has generated offer me a kinder, smarter & more generous view of the poetry community.