Sunday, April 03, 2005



One of the great guilty pleasures over this past week of complicated emotions was seeing the New York Times print Robert Creeley’s “I Know a Man” with all of its post-Poundian projectivist abbreviations of words: sd for said, yr for your, & of course my own favorite, the ampersand. Did I ever expect to see such configurations in the self-appointed “paper of record”? I did not.


The scope of Creeley’s impact as a poet can be sensed by the presence of memorial sites for him up already in both New Zealand & Finland. Brad Morrow’s web memorial for Creeley is terrific – it is currently the home page for Brad’s journal Conjunctions. That in itself tells you quite a bit.


Finally, both Joseph Massey & Charles Bernstein pointed me to the site that includes a video file of Robert’s talk at the Zukofsky centennial. It’s absolutely a must-see experience.


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