Thursday, January 27, 2005


Sometime in the next week, this blog will have its 250,000th visitor. Not bad for poetry & poetics. If it happens to be you, let me know and I’ll send you a book as a prize to mark the occasion. You can tell by looking at the bottom of the black rectangle in the left-hand column. Make a note in the commentary tool at the bottom of the most recent blognote and send me an email as well. I will be comparing the numeric IP addresses in those messages and in SiteMeter to verify the actual 250,000th visitor.


Since I began doing this at the end of August 2002, my experiences as a blogger have been about 98 percent goodness – one could hardly ask for better. More than anything, I’ve learned an enormous amount – partly from having to put my own thinking down on paper (or its electronic equivalent), but mostly from the generous & detailed feedback I’ve received from so many readers. The process has forced me to stay current in what’s happening in poetry & allowed me to argue that everyone (myself included) could benefit from a broader perspective.


So mostly what I want to say is thanks for dropping by & especially for all email & letters. I appreciate every one.

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