Thursday, August 05, 2004

Two sites worth turning your attention to:

Mini-Mag’s PhillySound feature, guest edited by CA Conrad. The typeface is the best argument against italics on the web that I’ve ever seen, but the poetry is worth plowing through the font. Greg Fuchs, Frank Sherlock, Tom Devaney, Molly Russakoff, Ethel Rackin, Ish Klein & Hassen.

Hassen shows up again in the MP3 audio archives of the
Carrboro (NC) Poetry Festival held this past June, along with a lot of other folks. This is a dynamite collection of contemporary poetry of all kinds & was obviously one hell of a fest. Just a few of the participants:

Linh Dinh
Lee Ann Brown
K. Silem Mohammad
Patrick Herron
Chris Murray
Murat Nemet-Nejat
Standard Schaefer
Lou Lipsitz
Ravi Shankar
Steve Katz
Gerald Barrax
Marc DuCharme
John Balaban
Tony Tost
Chris Vitiello
Clayton Couch
Jeffrey Beam
Judy Hogan

I don’t know whether to get more excited at all the new post-avant voices here or the presence of some poets I feel that I virtually grew up reading (Katz, Barrax, Lipsitz) who never travel enough – Barrax lived in Chester County for awhile & still never gave any readings locally that I ever found out about.