Friday, August 06, 2004

I will be “on vacation” for the next two weeks or thereabouts, mostly in the area between Port Angeles & Port Townsend, west of Seattle. I’m not bringing the laptop – that’s the only way I can make it a vacation – so will probably on check on email & perhaps show up here once or twice at the very most.

It was on such a retreat – to an island off the southwest tip of Nova Scotia – that I first decided to try this blog, so I find these occasions useful. This time I want to think about how to begin working on the four poems or suites that will begin my next longpoem, Universe. At the moment, these are at least tentatively titled: Witness, Whatness, Wetness & Whiteness. We shall see what develops – one constant fact about my poetry is that it always surprises me.

If you are in or around Seattle on Thursday, August 12, come over to the Richard Hugo House at 1634 11th Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood around 7:30. I’m reading in the
SubText poetry series, of which I’ve heard many good things over the years. I haven’t read in Seattle since 1985 & I’m looking forward to it.