Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Gael Turnbull

1928 - 2004



                                                It’s dark


                                       It’s dark

                                       and late

                                       and still

                                       Let me hear

                                       your voice –

                                       once again

                                       once more –

                                       the sound

                                       of your voice

                                       as you speak

                                       my name.

                                       Let me feel

                                       your touch –

                                       and again

                                       as before –


                                       all the cold

                                       in the night

                                       out there

                                       kept away

                                       by the fold

                                       of your arms.

                                       Let me be

                                       as I am

                                       with you

                                       as we are

                                       like this

                                       while we can

                                       still know

                                       while we are

                                       still here

                                       while you are

                                       as you are –

                                       no one else

                                       nothing more –

                                       that is how.

                                       There’s time

                                       even yet

                                       even now.