Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Iowa born Mytili Jagannathan grew up in West Virginia and has degrees from Brandeis & Penn. Habenicht Press published her first book, Acts. The label on her vitrine in the museum last week was literally “R is for Rosenbach.”





some sold their secrets

to such far advanced eyes


three hundred lumens for a

night quiz for intimates


the head of a reptile

under a pillow


who trained for

the race to look


to look like

she could


kindle a riot, embroidering

more room for living


megawatt monsters

in a Rorshach

for rulers


dress as a guest

but play an invader


rattle of lace

and milk of steel


and in and out of weeks and

almost over a year


one’s crime’s in

one’s crib, clearly


some will add to these


when the ocean

was churned

the zoo was born


and what rose was red

as a present of nectar


for ransom of

unkept things